Arthritis – signs and symptoms

Arthritis – signs and symptoms

Early signs of arthritis in your pet may be subtle, such as hesitating before jumping up or down from heights (e.g. the couch or bed), slowing down on their regular walks and changes in gait. Signs of more advanced arthritis may present as difficulty lying down and rising, limping and restless pacing (especially at night). Whilst arthritis is an irreversible disease, it can be medically managed to help increase mobility, reduce pain and make your pet more comfortable.

Most pets will develop some level of arthritis in the later stages of their life. There are however some risk factors that increase the likelihood of arthritis developing earlier. These include trauma to the joints (e.g. injury or surgery), obesity, degenerative joint diseases (especially large breed dogs), some auto-immune diseases and certain breeds that are more predisposed.

Arthritis In Cats Dogs

Treatment is dependent on the severity of arthritis present in your pet. One or more of the following treatments may be recommended:

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