Treating bad breath in cats and dogs

Treating bad breath in cats and dogs

Bad breath can be a sign of disease and infection in your pets’ mouth. It begins with a biofilm which results in plaque and tartar building up on the teeth. Periodontal disease may progress to the gums and tooth roots, causing gum recession and tooth decay. 

Regular yearly dental check-ups assist in the identification of early dental disease. Routine cleaning, descaling and polishing can help minimise and prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

Once tartar is established on teeth, it requires a general anaesthetic to perform an ultrasonic descale and polish to remove tartar from all teeth. 

Whilst your pet is under anaesthetic, it also allows the veterinarian to do a thorough examination of the mouth and gums to look for more subtle signs of disease that may not be possible to identify when the pet is awake.

After your pets’ dental descale and polish is performed, there are many products that can help keep your pets’ teeth and gums healthy. Tooth brushing, water additives and specially formulated dry food are some of the options available for pet owners.

Bad Breath Dogs Before Teeth Cleaning
BEFORE teeth were cleaned
Treating bad breath in cats and dogs
AFTER teeth were cleaned
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